Pleasure in creative representation has always been an incentive for my artistic activities in design and music. My focus has always been on Authenticity in the thing itself and empathy in my dealings with the client.

My studies in graphic design were followed by studies of the cuneiform script of ancient advanced Near Eastern civilisations, in whose heyday script and imagery were developed. That led to a profound understanding of the complex interrelations of visual perception and the functionality of typography and pictorial realisations.

This combination of graphics and archaeology led to many projects in the cultural sector, above all with museums.

Having said that, work in the fields of communication and design for municipalities, federal states, publication, industry and commerce also bears witness to the wide acceptance of my informed, creative modus operandi.

See how a small selection from my work inspires you. Feel free to get in touch with me for more information if I’ve succeeded in arousing your interest. I’ll be happy to advise you.